To Care For Kids
Caring for children--this deserves careful thought. And why should we expect the surgeon to have a license, but not the child care provider?
Licensed Childcare in Long Beach, California
"Helping small children to be happy, a noble goal, comes not from giving them everything they think, at the moment, they need. We need to help them learn to enjoy life within their normal limits, enjoying decisions they can and should make
at this time of their life--nothing more and nothing less" (Jonathan Whitcomb)

"Your children need your presence more than your presents." (Jesse Jackson)
"The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know
. . . . and then stop." (Mark Twain)
What should hold the greatest value in our hearts? The children deserve the best care, and a licensed child care gives them better potential for quality care. The childcare license is a sign that the care giver took the time and expense to become certified.

Professional child care is not babysitting.
The true professional has taken time and money to prepare for your child's safety
and well-being. This may have involved an education or years of experience. True
child care is for the long-term.

The family daycare can resemble a home environment; it may be less regimental than the pre-school or large daycare facility. Consider family daycare for the younger children, many of whom are too young to benefit much from the strict routines of
the larger institutions.
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